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Teatro Federico García Lorca

This is one of the most beautiful facilities in southern Madrid. Originally a historic flour factory, the building was converted for cultural use under the supervision of the prestigious architect José María Pérez, ‘Peridis’. The rehabilitation took place over a prolonged period of time through Vocational School projects and occupational training programmes.

The old factory was constructed in 1920 and was characterised by it’s brick walls in the so-called Neomudejar style. The building comprised of three blocks, the central of which was the factory itself, flanked by two warehouses for storing wheat and flour. It remained in operation until the 1950s.

The Teatro Federico Garcia Lorca is an Italian-style theatre, with a horseshoe-shaped plan that favours the optical perspective towards the stage and the proximity of the audience, much in the style of the romantic coliseums of the CXIXth. It has stalls and galleries with a capacity to seat up to 675 spectators distributed over three tiers, plus an adjoining exhibition room. It is equipped with the most modern technology for theatrical representations, and is characterised by a wonderful acoustic and a feeling of warmth and proximity for actors and audience alike, thanks to it’s horseshoe shape. It’s decoration is simple, with the upholstery and furnishings in austere yet welcoming colours. The most remarkable feature is the portrait of Federico Garcia Lorca, together with theatrical allegories of characters and scenes from his work, by the Asturian artist Luis Vigil.

The theatre takes the name of Federico García Lorca as a homage to the artist and as a testimony to it’s pioneering status in Contemporary Spanish theatre. It was inaugurated on the 29th of May, 1998, the centenary of the birth of this illustrious Spanish poet and playwright.

How to get there

  • Calle Ramón y Cajal, 22
  • Línea 12 de Metro Sur. Estación Getafe Central
  • 441- Desde Plaza Elíptica

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  • Teatro Federico García Lorca
  • Box Office Opening Hours: consultar cartelera o
  • Telephone : 91 208 04 62

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