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Teatro Infanta Isabel

For over a century, the Teatro Infanta Isabel has carved an intense and unusual niche in Madrid’s cultural environment, with a seating capacity of almost 620 and a trajectory which has been vital to dramatic art in Madrid and indeed throughout Spain. The centenarian life story of this theatre has often been linked to the most emblematic works of international comedy and to the most well-loved works of Spanish classical theatre.

To speak about the Teatro Infanta Isabel is to praise the stage on which, in their day, the most memorable premières of works by Jacinto Benavente, Enrique Jardiel Poncela, Miguel Mihura, Adolfo Torrado or Alfonso Paso, amongst others, took place. Indeed, for more than five decades, the Teatro Infanta Isabel was directed by Arturo Serrano and Isabel Garcés, unforgettable figures in the world of the stage and of national cinematography.

For over a hundred years, this outstanding yet secluded auditorium has been a most sought-after refuge for committed supporters of comic theatre, international comedy and the most popular works of Spanish classical theatre, whose words will remain forever in our collective memory.

The Teatro Infanta Isabel is a piece of cultural heritage which we are still able to enjoy in the present day, and which extends a permanent invitation to share and enjoy the best comic theatre among friends.


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